2015-10-25 22.39.34Each year, rather than set a New Years Resolution, I pick three works that become guiding themes for my year. These themes help create a process of improvement and paying attention to what is important to me and continue to be the person that is always smiling – even after running a 100 mile ultra-marathon.

There are three things that I can do to keep that focus.


I am grateful for the life that I have.  But sometimes, I forget about all the good things we have.  I attended a presentation a few months ago that challenged me with a simple exercise before bed.  The exercise was to ask yourself, “What are three things that went well today and what was my role in making then happen?”  So in 2016, I am going to take the challenge and end each night with what went well.


I am going to build stronger connections with people in 2016.  Get out from behind my desk and engage in conversations – most likely over coffee!


The stories we tell help define us.  I am going to take what I am grateful for and the connections I have made and write stories that define how remarkable people are.  I am surrounded by amazing people.

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