I was fat.  From not being able to run a lap around my house when playing with my kids, to running my first 50 mile race two years later is something I am proud to say I accomplished.  I completed two 50 miles races last year.  As I reflect on my goals for this year, there are several lessons I learned that are helpful in business, personal development, and sticking to your goals in 2015.

It is a Journey

Anything worth doing takes commitment.  I have found that the commitment switch is not something you can just switch on.  It takes practice.  It takes time to build the commitment muscle that many of us don’t strengthen.  So ease into it. Take baby steps.  Create small wins.  Because those small wins lead to bigger wins.

I found that creating a support network really helped with my commitment level.  I talked to my wife.  I got my kids involved on long run days to bike with me.  I schedule time out of the office to run.  A strong support network will get your through when they are so many reasons to give up.

Ask for forgiveness.  You plan will put a burden on others.

Enjoy the journey.  The end will come soon enough.  A good friend of mind told me to focus on growth.

Don’t expect to know all the answers at the beginning.  Start the journey and then find the answers you seek.

Keep Moving Forward


Creating the Plan

Create a plan that works for your lifestyle and stick to it.  Many plans will get you there if you stick to one.

Small, Daily changes lead to big results.  (2 years fat to 50 mile ultra)


Working the Plan

Create a Routine – refine it daily – don’t change it on race day.

Keep your plan top of mind.

Your habits will change to fit your plan

Frog in hot water.  turn up the head gradually on training



You are all in this together.  Support each other.

Appreciate those that have volunteered

People are amazing.  They all have their own story on why they are here.

Your support network is all around you.  Hem them and they will help you.  girl in the pink that helped me the last three miles.


It is all in your head

Train your mind more than your body.  You mind will be your biggest obstacle.  That is where the small wins help.

There will always be excuses to not do it.  Commit.

Smile Always.  People will comment, you will feel good


You will be tested

It is going to hurt.  Learn to distinguish between pain that just hurts and pain that can cause injury.   There is a difference.

You have more in you than you image.

Sometimes we are tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strength.

Some pacers are not good coaches

Sometimes the goal is just to finish

Ease into it.  It will be a long day if you start too fast. Find your pace



Taping is critical to prepare the body.  You will get moody and doubt your training.



People who do not run will either be fascinated with you or annoyed.


Final Advice

Enjoy the moment you cross the finish line.  Savor the moment.

It is not the fastest runner, but the one that slows down the least.

it is a marathon not a sprint race





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