is a fledgling social networking site for businesses that is popping up everywhere lately. While this social media tool isn’t as high profile as some other tools, is spending a lot of time marketing itself. Since it is free and includes some neat features, it’s worth a brief discussion. After all, social networking is all about experimenting; giving things a try, finding out what works for your business. Maybe is exactly what you need. It appears to be based in the UK, so the potential to network with overseas companies passionate about BrownBook is high. is a directory that is set up in blog-type format. From the homepage you can see recently added businesses, latest edits, and business reviews. Chances are your business may already be included at a very basic level, as they’ve appeared to automatically added many businesses with an established web presence. Do a quick search of your business name and location. If you find your business, it is easy to make changes and heighten your listing. adds a map along side your listing. It is free to add pictures or video too.

ONE ACTION ITEM: Do a search for you town and see who is already on  If there are some businesses you can write a review for, spend a couple minutes and publish a short review. The best way to get business reviews for your own business is to give them.

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