Recently our family took a trip to St. Cloud, MN to visit family. Upon driving through town, I noticed St. Cloud has a Famous Dave’s restaurant. We love to treat ourselves to Famous Dave’s occasionally, but we’ve never visited this particular location.


I forgot all about it, until I was on twitter recently, tweeting with another mom from Northern MN. She does some social marketing for Famous Dave’s and wrote an intriguing blog post that caught my attention “Our Favorite Famous Daves”.

I thought to myself, aren’t they all the same? I had to read why this one was any different, and I was surprised and excited to read that it’s particularly child friendly. It has a play area located by tables that allow parents to keep a close eye on kids while enjoying some quiet time. There were more reasons, and I left a comment in her blog thanking her for sharing the information. Without it, I would not be able to differentiate which Famous Dave’s we should go to next time. Now, I know which to choose and can’t wait for the opportunity to give it a try.


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