trimlogoAre you a freak about tracking and measuring?  Look no further than to satisfy your freakish nature. is an url shortening service that adds a host of tracking and measuring tools, and best of all, it’s free.

The Basics

First and foremost, Tr.imt is an URL shorten  service.  It take long urls like: and shortens them to a manageable size like: Wow, short and sweet.

What Can I Track?

Well, wouldn’t it be nice to know how many people clicked on that link to your website from Facebook or LinkedIn?  What about tracking the number of times a PDF was downloaded from your site.  Sure you could dig into your website statistics to find it, but that can get complicated.

Maybe you want to know how many times someone clicks on a link in your email signature, or the number of times a link in a blog post is clicked on…or maybe you want to know if that one person you sent an email too actually click on the link.

Easy to Read Statistics

  1. Total number of times a link was clicked on by a ‘human’ and by a ‘robot.’
  2. Timeline.  Number of clicks per day over the lifetime of the url.
  3. Referrers.  Websites that referred traffic using your trimmed url.
  4. Agents.  This shows the percentage of people using a particular browser (IE, Firefox, etc) and platform (Windows, Mac, Linux.)
  5. Locations.  This shows the number of clicks per country.


How to Get Started

Get freaky and setup you FREE account.  All they requires is a Username, Password, and a vlaid email address.

My “Brian Fellows” Disclosure

I am not an owner of, nor do I hold any stock in the company.  I am simply and enthusiastic user with a certification in Social Media and an abiding love in the conservation of keystrokes.  Share my love of by visiting

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