I own a rental property and recently stopped over to paint and clean before the next tenants move in. When I opened the door, a gust of cigarette smoke hit me. Being a non-smoker, I immediately started worrying how I was going to get such an overwhelming scent out of the house.  I opened windows, but that wasn’t enough.

shit happens

I turned to Twitter and asked how to get the smoke smell out of our rental property. I got over a dozen responses from people who gave be very helpful, practical, and specific advice. Only one mentioned a product by name, but didn’t offer to sell me the product. I learned about the chemical composition of cigarette tar and smoke residue, and why it’s so difficult to eliminate. I tried several of the ideas, and guess what? It worked.

Granted removing some old carpet and repainting the walls helped considerably, but without my followers on Twitter, I wouldn’t have all that help at my fingertips.

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