Today’s post is to provide an example of a social networking website that has connected millions of people world-wide. Designed to be a free online journal for anyone going through medical crisis, CaringBridge has become common practice to keep loved ones updated. If you haven’t yet used Caring Bridge to check on someone or left encouraging message, chances are you will sometime soon. The creators of the non-profit organization started the concept back in 1997, long before social networking was a term. They have since recognized that they are a strong force in social networking for a niche market and have earned plenty of media coverage. They’ve written articles addressing the value of “Social Networking for Sick People” and have an expansive partner connection with hospitals, professional organizations,and non-profits. CaringBridge has added multi-language capabilities, starting with Spanish.

To take a look at CaringBridge and the example they are setting in the social networking arena, visit  They say that their service “helps ease the burden of keeping family and friends informed.” How can your business or organization help ease the burden of keeping your customers informed?

ONE ACTION ITEM: Make a brainstorm list of ways you could keep your customers/web visitors better informed. In what ways can you ease their burdens?

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