At GiANT, we believe in creating experiences that result in lasting change. Intensives are deep-dive experiences that walk participants through a process of self-reflection, harnessing the power of self-awareness and future visioning to impact the trajectory of your life and relationships. The combination of our simple leadership language, experienced facilitators, diverse locations, and systematic approach creates an environment for leaders to feel safe as they explore the opportunities for change and growth in their life and leadership.

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Leader Intensive

A day & half “deep-dive” that provides leaders with an opportunity to truly stop, assess their current reality, understand their core motivations and drivers, and develop a clear vision of their preferred future for each area of their lives. We dig deep into the personality and wiring of a leader through the context of their past then use the insights gained to map out an actionable plan to reach their preferred future. There are two types of leader intensives: One for the healthy leader who wants to grow and simply affirm the direction of their life and or refresh their leadership. The second is designed for team members who need to experience significant breakthrough and make drastic changes to their behavior or leadership style.

Team Intensive

Every team can operate more effectively. A GiANT team intensive takes a group of people and helps them unite, focus, and grow more effectively together. We believe in the power of connectivity and we work hard to align teams together around their mission. To do that, we integrate our practical Leader Essentials workshops with our visual GiANT toolkit to give your team a common set of vocabulary, frameworks, and toolsThe shared language and frameworks facilitate better communication and deeper understanding of every member of the team, ultimately resulting in more productive collaboration. There are three types of team intensives: Growth-focused, Communication-focused or Succession-Planning focused.

1 on 1 Intensive

In order to grow as a leader, you must work on growing as an individual.
A one on one intensive entails:

  • An initial one-hour coaching session
  • 2-4 hours coaching sessions per month
  • Action plan to address and attain your goals
  • Email support
  • A better understanding of who you are, what your goals are and how to become an inspiring leader

Why coaching works.

A GiANT intensive is a life-giving experience full of practical next steps and reinvigorating encouragement. It is specifically designed to facilitate breakthrough for you as both an individual and as a team. Coaching offers you the essential tools needed to become a leader worth following. If you allow me to assist in your journey, I can help you grow as an individual and as a leader.

Please contact me to schedule an intensive and determine the date, location and program that will best meet your needs.