Sneak Peek

I love ‘exploring possibilities’ and looking at things in a new way.  I hope I can help you find new ways to grow your business and your ‘intimacy’ with your customers.

I believe anything can be broke down into steps so it is easy to understand.  Social media, marketing, branding – is not different.  For most peopke, it is not a question of trying to do more, but doing the right things in the right order. I am here to help get you started on the right path. Have you tried and failed? Not sure where to start? Unsure of what your next move might be?   These processes bring order to the chaos and help you take small, measurable steps daily. By breaking the complex into simple steps, I can provide you with the confidence to achieve your goals.

My personal mission with this blog is:

“Finding joy in helping people take small, daily steps that lead to a brighter future.”

You will find simple, straightforward processes that give you the confidence you need to succeed every time.  Each process is goal orientated and time bound – with a simple step by step approach. I believe you will experience the joy and confidence in these new technologies.   Step by Step – time bound – processes that you can implement immediately.

Here are the progams I have in the works right now:

  1. 30 Days of Social Media – explore the possibilities in social networks, blogs, online video, and more!
  2. 7 Days to Local Search Engine Dominance
  3. Harnessing the Power of YouTube to create raving fans!
  4. Facebook Groups and Pages
  5. Using LinkedIn to Generate New Clients
  6. Blogging for success
  7. Disaster Recovery in 10 days
  8. 7 steps to marketing success
  9. Building your website blueprint
  10. Maintaining your website in 5 easy steps

Take Action Today:

  • Sign up for site updates via email, RSS, Google Reader and more.
  • Take the recommended action each day.  Try it out.  See how it works.
  • Comment on each post.  Please engage in the conversation.  Social media is about building relationships.  Tell me what you like, what you don’t like — above all, engage in the conversation.

Here is my personal guarantee to you:

  • You will be able to read each articles in a series in less than 60 seconds
  • You will be provided with inspiration and insight
  • You will be give at least one actionable item you can implement immediately