One of my favorite books is Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.  In the book, Frankl explains that between ‘stimulus’ and ‘response’ we have the freedom to choose.  I often share in the workshops I facilitate that we have the freedom to choose our response in any given circumstance.   Unfortunately, we let people push our buttons and control our response.  Marc Vaillancourt introduced me to the book Essentialism and the author explains that we we have forgotten that we actually have a choice in how we respond.

The ability to choose cannot be taken away or even given away — it can only be forgotten.
— Greg McKeown

I don’t have control of an employee leaving.

You have the opportunity to create a remarkable environment where your employees can flourish.  You can give them that gift.  If they choose not to accept the gift, you can move on to someone that will appreciate it.  I firmly believe that employees don’t leave companies, they leave leaders.  In the end, you are accountable to create the environment where they feel valued, or you can help them realize they may not be at the right place.  The choice is yours.

This is the same for attracting new employees.

I met with a business owner in a rural Minnesota that was frustrated that he could not attract top talent.  A better questions would be, “How can I share what a remarkable place this is so top talent will want to relocate to rural Minnesota.”  The choice is yours.  Create the environment!  (Here is a little information on the culture at Vivid Image.)

Ask better questions and you will find better answers.  Tweet This

Don’t make yourself the victim

As business owners and marketers, we often make ourselves the victim.  We place blame and essentially give up the power to make better choices.  It is easier to foget that we have a choice and blame others.  Poor me.  How can this happen?  Why can’t I get a break?

Stop it!  Ask better questions.  Take control.  Don’t make yourself the victim.

Never forget that you have the choice in how your respond in any circumstance.

Take back control by realizing every decision you make, or don’t make, is your responsibility.  Be the leader you were born to be or the victim – the choice is yours.

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