The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

I have been working on my core purpose in business for years now.  No matter what direction I try to go, I always end up back here.  This is the 5 step process we have used at Vivid Image to help our clients.

Inspire Possibilities

Vivid Image is a company built on possibilities and a passion to create solutions for our clients through the creative use of technology. Nothing is impossible. We help business owners see new possibilities to enhance their business and the way they interact with their customers.

Develop a plan of action

We are the most energetic company in the region. We create customer centered processes to help our clients realize their goals. These processes help our clients articulate their desires and find a burning flame inside to inspire the pursuit of reaching those desires. Helping business navigate the complex world is our passion. We find joy in creating simplicity from complexity. We will also help our clients listen to their own clients to make better decisions.

Take small steps toward worthy goals

We are about results. Helping our clients take small steps toward a brighter future. Small steps are not wasteful. Each step builds on the previous steps. Small steps build momentum. Momentum is needed in all that we do. Small steps give a clear goal and allow for the momentum to build and successes to be celebrated more often. By listening to our clients, we provide the framework for how they should listen to their clients and build a successful business.

Measure (Listen)

Any initiative can only be effective if it is properly measured. We will help our clients setup a dashboard so they can begin to measure the effectiveness of all of their efforts. Even the smallest of measurements is better than nothing at all.

Celebrating Successes

New_VI_logoEverything we do produces a result. To that end, we will take time to celebrate our success each day, month, quarter and year. Daily, we will take the time to send thank you notes to clients and staff. On a monthly basis we will celebrate at our RCM meetings. Quarterly we will help local artist by sponsoring an open house and art show. Yearly, we will host an appreciate event for clients, alliances, and employees with a keynote event. This will be the yearly celebration that everyone looks forward to attending.

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