You can use Facebook to promote your business, start conversations with customers, build brand recognition, and solicit user feedback. It is a growing trend. WOW! Facebook is incredible!

In order to proceed, you must have a personal Facebook page, and we strongly recommend that you are familiar with some of the basic features of the application.  That was the purpose of yesterday.  Now, let’s get started with a business page. We want to make this effort as easy and effective as possible.

154689-facebook_main_originalYou have two free options on Facebook. You can create a Group or a Page for your business. We recommend building a Page, and here’s why. Pages were designed to accommodate viral marketing. Viral marketing is a method of spreading word of your product or service rapidly from one person to another. For business, this is a good thing.

Pages slowly (or quickly in some cases) acquire Fans.  Aretha Franklins’ Hat page acquired 70,000 fans in two days!   People can visit your page or join your page as a Fan. (You don’t have to worry about managing “friends” in Pages.) If they do this, it shows up on each of their Facebook profiles that they are a Fan of your business.

A picture (of your choosing) and a link to your Page shows up in the news feeds of all their friends. Their friend, in turn, will hopefully visit and become Fans.  How cool is this?  Your page can also intregrate your blog posts, YouTube videos, and more!  Take a look at the Facebook page Vivid Image just setup.  We included photos, videos and events.  Become a FAN!

START HERE – ACTION ITEM ONE:  Facebook for Business Overview, Features, and Specifications(3.9 mb PDF)

There’s so much more you can do with Facebook. Before we dive into more ideas, work on this ACTION ITEM: Build a Page for your Business. Focus on valuable content, and put it into your schedule to review and revise it everyday. View this page as a learning tool, and remember, you can always delete it later once you have a “Great Big Awesome Idea” you want to try!

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