Social bookmarking will make your life easier., or Delicious as it is referred to, is a wonderful business tool for bookmarking websites.

How is it different than regular “bookmarking”?

delicious_128x128For years people have been bookmarking sites that they want to return to at a later date. The old bookmarking system uses a browser and your bookmarks are tied to the computer you were using at the time. Nowadays, people are shuttling between computers.  Many people have a work computer, home office, lap top, computers at multiple branch offices, etc.  This makes accessing your bookmarked sites very difficult.

If you rely on bookmarks to find the information you need, your work can come to a fast halt. Delicious is a free web based bookmarking service and offers many features such as organizing and tagging your bookmarks, and easy search and recall based on categories, dates, etc. Your Delicious account can be accessed from any computer, so your precious information is with you wherever you are working.

I started using Delicious about 2 years ago.  I love it.  I think you will too! 

THREE ACTION ITEMS:  Give Delicious a try.

  1. Go to and set up an account.  Remember to document your username and password on your  Social Media Information Sheet from Lesson 1 (   

  2. Add the Delicious buttons to your web browser.  You will see options on how to do this when you setup your account. 

  3. Upload your bookmarks to Delicious.

There is so much more that Delicious can do.  Let me share some of the possibilities:

  1. You can do a search for your website and see how people are tagging you in their bookmarks.  This shows you how people think of your business.  By looking at the tags, you may also decide that those tags should be ‘keywords’ that you are using on your website.
  2. Share bookmarks with staff and clients with a custom delicious url.  Social book marketing can build a synergy. With more people looking for websites on various topics, you can build a strong library of websites – all compiled in one location.
  3. Teachers can use it to share bookmarks with students.
  4. Integrate  your bookmarks automatically into your website so others can see your latest bookmarks.
  5. Mark some of your bookmarks private that you do not want to share with the world.

I am in the process of creating step-by-step guides for most of the tools we are creating.  If you would like to receive a copy, please leave a comment below or send me an email.

What possibilities do you see?  Share your comments below!

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