fingernailsBlogs are regularly updated Web sites, usually featuring comments and links.  One of the reasons blogs are so popular is because of the ease in updating.  If you can type an email, you can update a blog.  In fact, you can update your blog with only a web browser, an email program, OR a cell phone.   That is impressive!

Did you know:

  • 77 million+ Americans visit blogs
  • 346 million blog readers worldwide.

Why blogs were a big deal

  • Blogs changed the way people saw the Web
  • You can create, react, communicate
  • For the first time ever, anyone can make content for a global audience

Blogs can help you achieve your business goals

  1. Do you need to ‘humanize’ your company and brand?  Blogs tend to break through the corporate rhetoric and create a more personal voice. 
  2. Do you need to build conversations with your customers?  Every business needs to know how they can better serve their customers.   Blogs help build that conversation to generate new product information, provide product/service feedback, counter negative publicity, and recruit brand advocates.
  3. Do you have terrific employees whose talents need to be shared with your customers?  Blogs are a great way to share your employees talents to build passionate customers.
  4. Do you want to increase your website traffic?  Each blog post is considered an individual page.  The more pages, the more chances you have of getting better results in the search engines.
  5. How can you educate your customers and become the subject matter expert in the area?

Your blog will become the central hub for all of your social media initiatives

blog-bloggingNo matter what your business goals, a blog can be the central hub to all of your social media initiatives.  Blogs make it easy to integrate your other social media tools into one spot.  In fact, many social media tools can ‘automatically’ be updated in your blog.  Some of these tools include: YouTube videos, Flickr and other photo sharing sites, SlideShare PowerPoint files, Twitter posts, Delicious favorites, RSS feeds from other blogs, etc.

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Why Blog

This is the one action item I have for you today.  Why blog?  What is the purpose of your blog?  What do you have to share?  How can you educate your clients?  Here are a few examples.

  • Chiropractors can use a blog to educate their clients on proper back care.  Even if it is a simple blog post each season, that is a start in developing an educational blog that will help your clients.
  • Companies that sell bottled water can use a blog for the same reasons.  They can start a program on the importance of clean water, how to go green and conserve water, or supply monthly tips on maintaining your water system.
  • A real estate agent can help their clients understand mortgages, the local housing market, or how to get the best price for your home.
  • An auto mechanic can become the expert in town by supplying car maintenance tips and answering basic questions about auto maintenance online.

What can you do to build conversations with your cliens?  Today this is all I ask:  Why should you blog? If you can not come up with a compelling reason to blog, please let me know.  I love a challenge, and I can help you.  Please leave a comment below or contact me directly.

bloggingWhat to Blog

What to blog is the lesson for tomorrow.  This is probably the biggest hurdle most people have to overcome- But I guarantee you will develop a blogging plan that will make you an ‘Online Rockstar” in the blogging world!

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