rural minnesotaIt’s no secret that I have a passion for rural Minnesota and helping small businesses. That is why I love traveling around Minnesota, teaching others how to grow businesses or non-profits using technology and the web.

For each hour I spend researching, writing curriculum, driving, and delivering speeches, I bet I get back tri-fold from the experience. Each person I meet has amazing ideas, insights into their industry, questions that challenge me to think, and humor to round off my day. Driving to each destination allows me time to take in the countryside, discover where businesses are located that I had heard about, and get a feel for each unique rural community. Yes, each one is very unique.

Inevitably, I return from every teaching experience with a very long list of ideas, things to do, topics to write about, information to research, people to get back to, and the list goes on and on. I learn so much while teaching others that I get inspired to schedule the next class before I even return home.

Can I offer an tips to keep inspired while working on the road? Yes! I always make sure I have paper with me to take notes while I’m thinking of things. I also try to pull into one or more local establishments to visit with people and experience the local culture and business. I keep track of people I meet who want to connect later online via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc and do what I can to keep those relationships growing. Lastly, a positive attitude goes a long way. If you are doing something you love, it will show.

Here’s a special shout-out to the people in Worthington, Redwood Falls, and Kerkhoven, MN whom I met this past week. Thank you for an enjoyable few days, and may you be inspired to try new ideas and keep the discussions going!

What about you? What do you take from your work? If you teach or help others, what do you learn?

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