What makes you #Remark!able?

It can be hard to see or feel inside what truly sets you apart.  Everyday we unfairly compare ourselves to others.  We see on Facebook how wonderful life is for our friends.  Photos are posted on Instagram on a great event that you just missed.  Did you catch that Snapchat?

We see others through a lens that makes their life remarkable.  But what about our own life?  We see our own life through the lens that shows all of our bumps, bruises and scars.  It is an unfair comparison.

Stop the Insanity

Every single person I have met is remarkable in some way or another.  If we have met, I can tell you exactly what makes you remarkable.  I look for that in people.

So, just for today.  Just for this moment.  Realize that you are Remarkable.  Stop judging.  Stop comparing.  Live.

Einstein Quote

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