LinkedIn is a great place to interact with other professionals.  Whether I need help exploring new ideas or just someone to bounce an off the wall topic off of, these are some of my favorite people!   The comments below come directly from my LinkedIn profile.

I‘ve been lucky to watch as Steve grew Vivid Image from an idea to a 14 year old corporation.  Steve’s innovative approach to small business amazes me. When others may be leery of proceeding, he’s never daunted by new technologies, ideas, or naysayers. Steve wouldn’t be where he is today if he let negativity tamper with his vision. Steve’s inspiring ideas run deep, so be prepared to keep up if you want to have a truly lively business conversation with Steve. 

Beth Gasser, Vice President , Vivid Image, Inc.

Steve Gasser, CEO of Vivid Image, is a passionate businessman. When you hire Vivid Image you get more than a great looking website, Steve takes a personal interest your business success which contributes to the design and look of your site. You can’t go wrong with Vivid Image. Thanks Steve and staff for all your work.

Top qualities: Personable , High Integrity , Creative

David Schmit, hired Steve as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2007, and hired Steve more than once

Steve is a catalyst. He inspires possibilities and invites people to think outside the box. He is passionate about his clients and does everything he can to help them succeed. As an owner and entrepreneur, Steve is not afraid to take risk. He is a genuine leader and someone who is well respected by his peers, employees and clients. When it comes to marketing and technology you want Steve and his company on your team. I highly recommend Steve – he will inspire you to take the next steps and grow your business.

Marc Vaillancourt, visionary leader, catalyst and musician

Working with Steve is a pleasure as he makes even the most complex projects seem easy. His knowledge of social marketing and strategy development is second to none! Steve is all “Aces” in my book.

Tomasz Majewski, Freelance Marketing Communications consultant, designer, and writer, RENTTOMDOTCOM

I have worked with Steve on several projects over the past 4 years. In each project, Steve and his team members have been highly responsive, provided good value, are knowledgeable, deliver a consistent product that is high quality, and have a “partnership” philosophy that generates a great deal of trust between customer/vendor. I intend to work with Steve and his team in the future.

Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , High Integrity

Phil Keithahn, hired Steve as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2005 and hired Steve more than once

Steve is a business owner of integrity. His team did a fantastic job converting my sketches and drafts into a final flash project that reflects my creativity and their craftsmanship. It has served me well.

Top qualities: Personable , High Integrity, Creative

Matthew Rochte, hired Steve as a web crafter in 2004

I have been working with Steve at Vivid Image for many years and two “total overhauls” of our website. Vivid Image has helped to bring our marketing to the next level through creativity and solid planning. From overall web design, search engine optimization, integrating video and other media, to just recently implementing a corporate blog. Steve is passionate about what he does, and the passion follows through to his employees and customers. I would highly recommend Steve and his team at Vivid Image for any web endeavor.

Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , Creative

Jackie Kaufenberg, hired Steve as a Internet Marketing in 2001, and hired Steve more than once

Steve is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met in my life. I’ve found Steve to be thinking all the time – his head is always churning with innovative ideas and he is always ready to take that first step into the unknown and tread on a path that others have not gone before. As a supervisor, he is very supportive of your ideas, and thoughts, as well as will go out of his way to help you succeed. He is congnizant of his strengths and weaknesses – he will be the first to admit it and allow others to take the lead. He not only wants you to succeed at what you are doing but also pushes the limits for his coworkers to think out of the box. Good is never good enough for Steve – he and his team has to excel. Conversely, he is also a very considerate and giving human being. Steve truly believes in inspiring possibilities and making this world a better place.” February 26, 2009

Prachee Deshpande , Business Development Specialist

I enjoy working with Steve on projects and developing ideas. Part of his company’s tag line is to inspire possibilities. That’s what Steve does best! He consistently practices what he preaches. Steve always looks for the best in ideas and the people that surround him. He’s not afraid to look at things differently than most and determining a direction in which to travel. Steve Gasser not only looks for inspiration around his own environement, but he also tends to inspire others in the process. Establishing a dream or a possibility and then bringing others along on the journey is not always easy. Steve has made it an art.” February 26, 2009

Bill Corby , President , Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce CVB

I have worked with Steve in a number of capacities. I have worked with him in both in using his companies web services and recommending his companies web services. His company is one of the premier web development companies in Minnnesota. I have also worked with Steve on several community boards. I have recruited him many times to help me on community issues. Steve is a great thinker and doer. I highly recommend Steve as and individual and his company as a provider of web services.” February 26, 2009

Duane Hoversten