Do you want to know the secret to creating a consistently great blog content?  Thousands of businesses and individuals start blogging each year.  The sad fact is that many of them never get their blog beyond the first post – or fail to continue after a couple of posts.  So here is the secret to creating a successful blog:  Outline all of your blog posts for the next 90 days.  That is it.  Take the time to outline all of your blog posts for the next 90 days.  Start small.  Plan on writing two blog posts per week.  That is 26 new pages of new website content in 90 days.

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What makes a post

As a rule of thumb, a long blog post is about 500 words.   So anything between 300 – 500 words is a nice blog post.  Anything longer can be too much.  Many people like bite sized chunks of information.  You may lose people if your posts are too long.  Keep you posts focused and above all INTERESTING.

How often to post

I recommend posting 2 – 3 times per week.  BUT – more importantly – just start.  Even if you can only post once a week, or once a month, get started!

How to find posting inspiration for your posts

Here is your mission, if you choose to accept it.  This exercise will take you about 15 minutes, so close your door and take time to really focus.

Things you will need: Paper, pen, clock or stop watch, calendar and a quiet location

Your mission:

For the prescribed amount of time, keep your pen moving constantly.  Don’t take time to think.  Don’t make judgments.  Just write for the entire time.  Keep at it until the time expires.  Your best ideas will come when you are pushing your brain to think. Many ideas may be gibberish, but you will create some amazing ideas in the process.  When the time is done, stop.  Take a break between each step.

  1. pencil-on-pad-of-paperFor 5 minutes, write down all of the things you can educate your clients on.
  2. Take 4 minutes to write down all of the new trends happening in your industry.
  3. Take 3 minutes to write down all of the things that make your company unique.
  4. Take 2 minutes to write down all of the things that you care about outside of work; things that make you more than just work.
  5. Take 1 minute to celebrate the fact that you just spent more time planning your blog and guaranteeing your success than many of the people that failed to even take step one.  Treat yourself to the first indulgent item that enters your mind.  Celebrate.  I am serious.  We all need to take time to celebrate all of our accomplishments, and this is a major accomplishment.

There you go.  15 minutes of work.  You probably have a list of 100+ topics that you should blog about.  Go through all of your ideas and capture the ideas that are the easiest for you to write about.  No sense in making things too hard right now.  The important thing is to get started.  Starting 30 days from today, write each topic on your calendar when that post is going to be created.  Do that for the next three months.  We will take this list and work with it tomorrow.


You are on track to beginning a blog that will help you connect with your clients, increase traffic to your website, build trust and credibility, and position you as an expert in your industry.  You ROCK!

NOTE:  This post was 575 words.  A little long, but I hope you enjoyed each word 🙂

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