I started to ‘tweet’ tonight in kind of a bad mood.  My first tweet was about how some people can ‘suck the fun out of the room.’  But then my friends on twitter changed that.  First,  I was added to several #followfriday tags.  FollowFriday is a tag used in Twitter to recommend people that you enjoy on Twitter.  That is always a great honor on Friday.


Follow the #hunks

I also found my name on a couple of new tag I had never seen before:  #hunks and #hunkalert.  What is that?  I have never used that tag, but I think it is a compliment.  It was re-tweeted by several women and men last night.  My night changed and I was again addicted to “tweeting the night away.”  (That should be a song!)

The point of this article

I wrote a ‘tweet’ tonight saying:   “How has twitter changed you? I should be writing a 500 word blog post – but twitter is more in-line with my thought process tonight…” I had few great people responded right away with how twitter has changed them.  Take a look at what they had to say about how Twitter has changed them:

Greg from Small Business Sherpa
@gregbd I am more engaged with people online, building relationships with people who make me think.

Brendan from BrendanWenzel.net
@BrendanWenzel Twitter has changed me because my thoughts now are in 140 character spurts.

Beth from Confessions of a Mom
@ConfessionsMom 1) Fewer words more meaning. 2) Connections I would have never found 3) Keeps me motivated to blog.

Joe from Business 901
@Business901 Twitter has made Social Media real to me. I find people that I want to interact immediately & without personal barriers.

What a Night!

Twitter can provide a lot of value to extent your reach, build deeper relationships, or broaden your knowledge.  Or sometime it can be great therapy.  Some natural laws apply on Twitter – such as the more you give, the more you get back in return.

I love participating in conversations.  Today, I have had great conversations with people I have may have never met, deeped existing realtionships, and now I am going to bed in a great mood.  Thank you ‘Tweeps.”

How has Twitter changed you?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Some of My Followers and Great People on Twitter:

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