Guest Post by @ConfessionsMom

If it’s a microwave light bulb we’re talking about, the answer is quite a few.The light in our microwave is something I apparently took for granted. When the original, several year old light bulb recently burned out, it took me by surprise. I opened the microwave door, expecting to see something obvious. Instead, I found no where the light bulb could be. I couldn’t even remember where I used to see the light coming from inside the oven. My husband looked too and was stumped. Hmmm… I decided I could live without a microwave light, until the next time I overheated a cup of coffee. I couldn’t see into the oven until it was too late. I had coffee everywhere. As I grumbled through the clean up process, I decided to turn to twitter. Within seconds, I received this tweet, “How to Change a Microwave Light Bulb from @jennhollowell

Pug and White Microwave Oven

It seems that Jenn had previously written an article to address situations just like mine. Not only was it an insightful article, and directed toward moms like me, Jenn is active on Twitter looking for people who could use the help. She was right there for me when I needed her. I used Twitter’s “Favorites” feature so that I could return to her tweet at a later time, and again today, as I write this article. Thanks Jenn!

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