(4756) Tempus fugitI am often asked how many hours I spend on my social media sites every day.  On average, I spend about 3 hours a day creating educational content for my clients and building stronger relationships with current and potential clients.

Something happens when you get involved with social media.  You change.  You realize that the more you give – the better you feel – and the more you get back.  I am motivated to be even more active!

By the end of the week, I have created some terrific marketing materials that are customer focused.  I have also created a bunch of ineffective materials that will not work, but here’s the thing – my social community helps me determine what is good or bad based on the comments I receive, the number of times an article is retweeted, or the emails that I receive with questions on the articles or tweets.

So – 15 hours per week to develop marketing materials that educate and creating powerful relationships.  I think that is time well spend.  Would your marketing manager be more effective if he/she were to be active in social networks?

My Blog (1 hour a day)

  • Write at least three blog posts per week based on research and conversations I have had on Twitter and on other blogs
  • Respond to comments daily on my blog
  • Write at least 1- 5 comment a day on other people’s blogs

Analytics  (1/2 hour a week)

  • Review Google Analytics to identify trends and possible follow-up articles.
  • Review click throughs with FeedBurner

Twitter  (1 – 2 hours through out the day)

  • Daily- retweet at least one good idea or something enlightening
  • Daily – write a response to at least one person I have not talked to ever before on Twitter
  • Daily – scan twitter for relevant conversations
  • Tweet my blog posts
  • Recommend my most active followers on #followfriday
  • TweetLater – schedule a #QOTD or #quote for each day
  • Twice a Week – Review new followers and follow active Tweeters

Google Reader  (4 hours per week)

  • Monitor Google Reader news articles for relevant blog content and Twitter posts
  • Comment on relevant articles
  • Bookmark with delicious articles for future blog posts and idea generation

Google Alerts  (15 minutes per week)

  • Monitor Google alerts for relevant keywords and phrases

LinkedIn  (15 minutes per day)

  • Daily- Update Status
  • Daily – review friend (connections) status and comment on at least one
  • Tuesday/Thursday – Scan group conversations and engage in topics when appropriate
  • Wednesday – Ask one question in a group
  • Friday – help connect two of my contacts together
  • Friday – send one referral, ask for one referral


  • Monthly – Upload a new presentation
  • Weekly – Review comments on presentations

Facebook  (15 minutes per day)

  • Daily – Update Status
  • Daily – review friend status
  • Daily – At least one non-business related comment to a friend
  • Delete any messages that are spam-ish or any polls or applications sent to me
  • Review photos of friends


  • Monthly – Review my videos
  • Monthly – Review favorites
  • As they happen – Add a new video to my blog


  • Daily – Book mark daily to share with clients, employees and twitter followers
  • Weekly – review bookmarks to generate ideas for future blog posts or future projects


  • Check three times a day – morning, noon, and at the end of the day
  • Respond to all emails – even if it just says “I will get back to you.”
  • Clean up mail from last week and close any loose ends

Other Activities

  • Weekly – engage in other social networks that I belong

There are a few other activities that my staff take care of through out the week that include:

  • Managing two Facebook communities
  • Managing two LinkedIn communities
  • Publishing our e-newsletter
  • Manage two additional blogs

What are your thoughts?  I would love to hear them!

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