What is in a Title

I have had various titles on my business card since I started Vivid Image back in 1995.  Entrepreneur, Owner, Marketing Specialist, Digital Strategist, and President to name a few.  But I have now had the same title on my business cards since 2002 – Chief Evangelist.  Every day I am given the opportunity to earn that title.

20160805_101132_resizedIn 2001, I bought a church that my wife and I renovated into our very own office building for Vivid Image.  The church came complete with pews and a pulpit for evangelizing our message.  That next year, I attended a retreat with Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba that was based on their book – “Creating Customer Evangelists:  How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force.”  Since that date, the title on my business card has been “Chief Evangelist.”

Chief Evangelist

Back then, I looked at my role as creating customer evangelists.  How do I get my clients to fall in love with us and freely evangelize Vivid Image.  This was in the time before Facebook existed or Twitter was even a concept.  Over the years, I still get joy in seeing how many clients we have helped.  We have even had one client go out and produce a video on their own talking about their experience with Vivid Image.  You can hear their story here on our You Tube page.

What I am really evangelizing

What I realize now is that my job is to evangelize my staff.   When I am talking with a new business, I naturally share success stories. In 21 years of businesses, I have a lot of stories to tell.  However, those stories are because of the people at Vivid Image.  I get the opportunity to share with the world how remarkable they are in every way.  I want to earn the title of Chief Evangelist every day.  I do this my being my staff’s biggest fan.  Every individual is remarkable.  I can quickly tell you what makes each person remarkable from the chemistry and character they display in every client interaction to the competency and credibility they have developed in their chosen profession.  They have earned my support and I freely evangelize them in every client interaction.  It is my team that makes Vivid Image remarkable.

Here is the lesson

Customer loyalty begins with your employees – with your culture.  Employees must love the company before the customer ever can.

Every business has a culture. You may or may not be aware of what it is, but it definitely exists. Taking a careful look at your “company culture” will help define the impression you want to make to someone who is going to decide to work for you and ultimately love your company.

Vivid Image has a unique culture culminated over the years to include a blend of our values and feedback from staff. Some of the things our team love is taking on special projects to benefit the community, organizing social events together in and outside of the office, and celebrating individual (as wells as client) success stories each month.


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