I was sent even more articles this past week from all of you.  Here are three  post that I found insightful:

  1. There were two posts about Facebook that I loved.  The first one was written by Beth that outlines many of the changes that are happening to your Facebook Fan pages.  She puts these changes in plain English for you.  So, “Take Advantage of the New Facebook Features for Business.”
  2. The second article on Facebook came from Denise Wakeman.  Her post about “I’m Giving Up on Automation” was great.  Many people like to automate the publishing of their blog content to Facebook.  Automation is not always the best answer.
  3. What Nuns, Yes Nuns, Can Teach You About Social Media. This may change your approach to Social Media forever.

From the Blog

We had five great blog posts this week.  If you missed any, here there are:

  1. Monday:  Beth started the week with her focus on Remark!able businesses and organizations.  Her topic today was:  A School District on Facebook? Unheard of, Right?
  2. Wednesday:  Sarah took a lead from the Super Bowl ads and wrote, “Is Surprise Advertising Old School?”
  3. Thursday:  Michelle focused on “Staying Top of Mind Through Video Content.”  In this article, she features four businesses in Central Minnesota that are utilizing video on their websites.
  4. Friday:  Wow, Friday was a great day to inspire you with new things that are coming.  Beth wrote on the new Facebook Features for Business and….
  5. Josh provided us with a peak at some new features in WordPress 3.1 that are expected soon!

Your Turn

What do you think?  What did you find inspiring this week?  Share your comments below.

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