A ‘Google’ search for a guide to social media marketing is going to turn up more than a few results. Newly branded social media experts are eager to share their knowledge and experience with the world. However, social media is a broad topic, and finding a guide targeted at local, small business is not nearly as easy as finding an overarching guide to social media marketing. Here are a couple of tips these guides offer, and how you can tailor them down to be effective on a more local, small town level.



One of the first steps any guide to social media marketing will give has to do with the avatar. The avatar is a picture or symbol that represents you or your business on various social media networks. Instead of developing a new logo, however, think about what local people see when they drive past your business. A distinctive building? A prominent sign? Whatever it is, making it your social media avatar will trigger instant recognition with locals on social media networks.

Engage in Conversations

Secondly, a guide to social media marketing will instruct you to engage in conversations around your niche or area of interest. Instead, do searches to find those who are talking about your local area. Instead of focusing your participation on the industry at large, focus your attention on those who are talking about the area around you. Establish yourself as a local contributor with an investment in the community, not just your commercial industry.

Build a Community

A third popular tip is to build a community of leaders in your niche. Don’t forget about your niche, but don’t worry about finding the right community – you already have one! Create your fans, friends and followers community from those you see every day, in your store or office. Rather than catching the attention of the big players, catch the attention of those who are likely to walk in the door.

Take Your Time – but Keep Moving Forward

A guide to social media marketing main contain tips that seem like they’re for a bigger business, a larger city or popular niche. However, take your time reading these guides and you’ll see several ways these broad tips can be tailored down to a local level for your small business.

Do you have a guide that you love?  Let us know about it by leaving a comment below. If you would like to follow a 30 Day plan to understanding social media, take a look at my recent blog post:  Your Personal Guide to 30 Days of Social Media – a Special Summary for You.

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