I love online tools.  I experiment with several tools every week, but not many are very impressive.   I always look for tools that can save me time and allow me to do several things at once.  So with that thought:  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that allowed you to monitor and update your Facebook page, fan pages, LinkedIn and Twitter all at the same time from within a web browser?  I have been playing with a new tool for the last week.  Actually, I signed up for the account about a year ago and never used it.  The tool is called HootSuite (www.hootsuite.com) and I am starting to like it…

How I am using it

HootSuite allows me to monitor a lot of information in one browser window:

  1. Both of my Twitter accounts
  2. My Facebook page
  3. My Facebook fan page
  4. My LinkedIn network
  5. Personalized Twitter searches so I can see when certain words are Tweeted
  6. Twitter lists so I can monitor conversations of specific ‘Tweeters”


More than just monitoring

  1. Save Time:  With HootSuite I can type one message and have it appear on all on my social networks
  2. Keep it short:  Twitters 140 character limit is hard to stay within when you copy long website urls.  HootSuite will shrink those urls with a click on the mouse.
  3. Timely:  Do you have information that needs to be provided on a particular day?  at a particular time?  Use the scheduling feature to schedule when you posts will be made on your various social networks.
  4. Statistics:  HootSuite provides you with statistics on how many time your links were clicked on.  I have used bit.ly before to do this ( I still love bit.ly!)  But it is so convenient to have the tracking within HootSuite.
  5. There is a lot more HootSuite can do, but those are the highlights that I am using right now.



There are other tools like this available, but HootSuite is quickly become my tool of choice.  Here are a few other tools to consider that I am using:

  1. www.TweetDeck.com
  2. www.Seesmic.com

What are you using?

What tools to you using to build stronger relationships, monitor your brand, or increase the effectiveness of your communications?

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