The first time I was on a round about, I loved it!  I probably drove around it a little too fast, but that was the joy of the roundabout.  There is a two lane roundabout near my home that is a different story.  How to you determine what lane to use?  My navigation system tells me which exit to use when I enter the roundabout, but it doesn’t do a good job telling me what lane to be in.  Then there is the person that feels they should take up both lanes so that the car behind them does not pass them.  One circle can be hard enough to navigate, but what would you do if you came across a 7 circle roundabout?  How would you navigate?  You need help.

Helping People Navigate

Coming across a 7 circle roundabout could send most drivers into a panic.  As a leader, we have an obligation to help people navigate complexities.  To turn what is complex into a simple, easy to understand formula.  Here are 12 Ways the amazing people at Vivid Image help our clients navigate the complexities of online marketing.

Simpology #1: Take Small Steps. Take complicated overall answers and make them simple steps instead.

Simpology #2: Education is pathway to simplicity.  Taking the time to explain can make understanding much easier.

Simpology #3: Don’t reinvent. All businesses, non profits and individuals have a wealth of hidden and underutilized marketing assets. They are all around you. Start with these hidden and underutilized assets and build upon them. Can you see the possibilities?

Simpology #4: Model what you want others to become.

Simpology #5: Perfectionism kills good habits and great ideas. Don’t pursue perfection, pursue change.

Simpology #6: Simple is valued more than complex. Just ask.

Simpology #7: Understanding is what keeps initiatives moving forward.

Simpology #8: New technology is always complicated when it is first released; but it gets simpler over time.

Simpology #9: Explaining “why” something should be done makes the “how are we going to do it” easier.

Simpology #10: Hoops are for basketball, not building your business. Eliminate the hoops people need to jump through.

Simpology #11: Everything works better when you trust each other

Simpology #12: Give people the resources and tools they need to success and you will succeed with them.

Navigating a 7 Circle Roundabout

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