youtube-logoIs there really a way to use YouTube for business? Absolutely. It takes a little time, creativity, and of course, a video camera. More and more businesses are popping up on YouTube and using this social marketing tool in a variety of ways. YouTube’s strongest points of interests are that it’s open to everyone, free to use, have millions of loyal users world-wide, and every video can be tagged with keywords for better search ability.

YouTube is the third most visited website in the US .

To me, good marketers tell stories.  Stories are how we connect with each other.  What could be a better platform for story telling than an online video site?  One of my favorite artists sells paintings for thousands of dollars.  How does she do it?  She tells a video story and documents the process of creating the painting.  Compelling, interesting – you just have to have it!

Businesses are using YouTube in a variety of ways. From a social networking aspect, simply posting video on YouTube and making it searchable makes sense. People spend hours looking at videos posted there, so whether it’s a video of a home for sale or product demonstration, you will get exposure on YouTube. Loyal customers and fans of your business can post video of themselves using your product or service. This is evident in the hundreds of people making videos in support of a specific cause or candidate in the election.

Like most social sites, you can comment on videos, share videos via email, or embed them into your website.  Create the right video, and it can go viral.  What a great way to generate interest and traffic to your business.  Most of the great videos on YouTube are not professionally produced.  I think people want authenticity.  Over-producing your video can be a detriment when you are building a social network.  Create authentic videos that show who you are and what you do.  Make it interesting!

Do you know if any of your raving fans have posted video about your business, product or service?  Take a look at a few videos from great businesses:

MidWest Machinery Company: 
Clay Coyote:
Vivid Image: 

ONE ACTION ITEM:  For today, all I would like you to do is spend time searching for videos that relate to your business.  See what others are doing.  Tomorrow we will go through the steps to get your YouTube account setup.  We may even have time for me to show you how to create compelling video in less than 5 minutes.

medium_tb-611-01_1More Inspiration

How do you sell a $400 – $800 blender to a consumer?  I don’t know about you, but my $50 blender does a great job chopping ice for a margarita.  Why would I need to spend $400 or more on a blender for my home?  Well, let me tell you…..

The folks at Blendtec had a problem.  They had a great product, but a perception that it is over-priced.  The solution, create a series of videos on YouTube and embedded on their site was the answer.  This video series is called, “Will It Blend?”  (I embedded the video in the top right corner of this screen for our convenience.)  They blend anything from iPods, glow sticks, or your favorite book.  It is entertaining.  It is social.  It is worth the price.

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