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My Point of View

islandThe business owners I consult have two primary goals they want to measure in 2014.  They want to increase leads and increase loyalty.

Increasing Leads
Increasing leads is not about increasing traffic to your website.  Anyone can bring thousands of people to your website.  Increasing leads is identifying who your ideal client is and getting them to stand up and say they want to learn more about you.  What is a lead worth to you?

Increasing Loyalty
What would a loyal client base look like?  What if an additional 5% of your clients referred new business to you, how would that impact your bottom line?  Loyalty is something to be cherished, but you need to create a program to cultivate and nurture loyalty.

The Map

The best way I have found to increase sales and loyalty is through an Inbound Marketing program.  There are 5 tactics in an effective Inbound Marketing program.

Your clients are looking for you right now; are they finding you?  Is your site built in a way that is both user and search engine friendly? SEO of today is about so much more than links and keywords. It’s about answering your prospects’ questions and engaging with your audience.

How would your business change if you had hundreds of people talking about you?  Who are the influencers in your industry?  Social drives discovery of your business.

Content Marketing
Give the search engines something to index and your social network something to talk about. Create content that compels your audience to choose you out of the billions of other options on the web.

Reputation Management
Monitoring what people are saying, encouraging reviews from your clients, and fill in the Google Knowledge Graph with relevant information about your business. Your reputation is now more public than ever.

Integrated Marketing
What are traditional marketing avenues that are working for you?  What if we created a 3 point touch program that includes email, social, and direct mail – and we alternate connecting points so that those individuals out there can connect with you in a way they want to connect with you.

Starting with a Proper Foundation


  • hostingBuild your website on a strong platform that can handle your future needs.
  • Develop the content around what your customer want to KNOW.
    • HINT:  Your website should be about solving your customers needs, not about you.
  • Add functionality around what your customers want to DO, or what you want them to DO
    • HINT:  What do your customers want to do when they are on your site?  Fill out a form, search for the closest dealer, buy online, browse a calendar, or view your site on a mobile device.
  • Make it all consistent with your brand so they REMEMBER who you are.
    • HINT:  Your BRAND should flow from online to offline and vice versa.

Hosting and Training

Skimping on hosting is a sign of trouble.  How important is it for your site to be available? Is your host overburdened and making your site slow? Is it reliable and secure?   Visitors are not patient.

Suite of Measurement Tools

Another important aspect is to measure everything.  A suite of measurement tools that provides you with a dashboard of what is working and what is not working is critical to making forward process in your marketing.

Small Steps

I believe in taking small consistent steps in the implementation of your goals.  Take time to re-think about your marketing and your goals to create your map in 2014.

PS:  The Deeper Cause that Keeps Me Going

392.jpgWhat I love is that we get to work with a variety of businesses who look to us to solve their problems. They have invited me to the table to help them figure things out. That is a real honor for me.

Typically, we help our clients put together a strategy for their business that includes content development, design and functionality. But always, we help them take small steps forward. It is not easy and sometimes frustrating, but we care about our clients, and we overcome obstacles. We also try to make things simple for them. Over the last 18 years, I have developed a real respect for our clients’ challenges, and an even greater respect for what my staff does to help them overcome their challenges. It is awesome that every day we get learn and try new things to improve. And to think, the process starts with a website, but develops into so much more.

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