I have met some amazing people in small towns across Minnesota. Recently I had the opportunity to give two presentation on social media in Arlington and Redwood Falls, MN.

At the end of the presentation, we do a group exercise and ask the participants to gather in groups of 5 to answer the question, “How could you use Twitter in your business?”  Below are some of the responses to the question.

Great responses to the the Twitter question

sbIdea 1:  A local strawberry patch could use Twitter to communicate good picking days and share recipe ideas that are posted on the blog.

Idea 2:  A tool and die company could use Twitter to educate people on the industry, show a human side of the people in the company, and information about the life of the tweeter.  This would help create relationships and bonds based on common interests.

Idea 3:  An embroidery shop could tweet about recent jobs they have done – sending traffic back to their website with pictures.  They could also use Twitter to share stories and inspire ideas – both would direct traffic back to their website.

Idea 4:  A landscape business would use Twitter to educate their followers and help them maintain their landscaping.  They would send tweets when it is time to seed your lawn or prune your trees.  They would also use humor and stories.  One example would be to share stories like:  “This isn’t a weed.”  This series would educate people on what is a weed and what is not a weed – but a plant with benefits!  Most tweets would link back to their blog with more details, ideas, and inspiration.

ucIdea 5:  The local used car dealer has several clients that call and ask about his inventory.  He could use Twitter to post new vehicles and ask questions about the types of vehicles clients are interested in.

Idea 6:  An Avon lady could use Twitter to post links to videos taken of  clients.

Idea 7:  An auto body shop could use twitter to offer tips.  It would also be good if they followed others in the industry to stay up to date on industry news and gather feedback they can share with their clients.

Idea 8:  A residential and commercial carpet cleaner could use twitter as a referral tool.

Idea 9:  A day care could use twitter to let parents know what activities kids are doing, meal plans, and any changes in day care schedules.

Idea 10:  A traveling hot dog stand could use twitter to update his followers on the location of his hot dog stand.

Idea 11:  An alternative energy company could use twitter to find people in the industry to talk to when they can’t find anyone locally.

Yes, Small Businesses can benefit from Twitter

There is a business use for Twitter no matter what business you are in.  We all hear the big success stories like how Dell reported that they can directly attribute $3 million in sales to their Dell Outlet Twitter account.  But you don’t have to be Dell to reap the benefits of Twitter.

Here are just a few benefits you can find from Twitter

  • Enhance Customer service while reducing costs
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Instant access to what is being said ‘right now’
  • Share current events – citizen journalism
  • Constant stream of new ideas and links
  • Extend your reach – become a thought leader
  • Network with other in your industry

More Twitter Inspiration

christmas-storyWhat is your Twitter Story?

We all have stories to share.  What stories do you have to share about Twitter?  The smallest things can inspire greatness in others.

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