Large corporate chains have extremely strict rules, hp_logo_1ford_2regulations and guideliPrintnes outlining the presentation of their brand.  These well-established brand names are designed to engender specific feelings and reactions in their targeted customers.   As a small business, social media provides you with the same opportunity to establish a solid and recognizable brand name for your company, with added benefit.  As a small company without the stringent requirements handed down by the corporate office, you have the freedom to establish any kind of personality you’d like for your small business.

One of the main secrets of social media marketing is how social media marketing is not strictly limited to advertising, but also to establishing meaningful relationships with other people in your industry, as well as current and targeted clients and customers.  When building a presence for your small business on various social media networks and book marking sites, you have the chance to give your brand name its own personality and presence for interactions with the various types of people you will meet on these networks.

Create Your Persona

Whether you choose to create an extremely professional personality focused on customer service, a helpful persona with the best links and news to share, or even a funny, quirky attitude to give your small business a distinctive edge, a small, self-owned small business has an incredible range of freedom in this area.  Rather than being forced to stick to the company standard, social media marketing gives small business the opportunity to really get creative and unique in the way that they connect with customers and even colleagues in the same field.

Be Unique

Big companies have had years of exposure to a national market to create the feelings and responses related to their brand. A small business new to social media may be tempted to imitate what has worked for the big businesses that have come before, but doing so would be missing the best benefit that social media marketing can offer to small businesses. Creating a unique social media personality designed to elicit exactly the kinds of thoughts and feelings you’d like to associate with your brand is a fun, creative exercise and an experience that will benefit your small business hugely. A unique personality for your brand makes your small business more recognizable, as well as more likely to be recommended to friends and family of those you interact with through your social media marketing endeavors.

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