I have been getting several questions on how to really get results from LinkedIn.  As a tool, it can be an invaluable way to build and maintain professional relationships with clients, partners, and associates.  I have a lot of work to do to really use LinkedIn to its fullest.  But with all of the questions I have been getting, I though it was time to inspire a simple strategy that only takes 15 minutes a day.   So here it is:


Steve’s 15 Minutes a Day LinkedIn Strategy

Who cannot find 15 minutes to dedicate to building and maintaining relationships?  It is a simple step.  Done for at least 90 days, it will become a habit.  It will take time before you see results, but not as much as you may think.  So let’s get started.

Step 1:  Preparation

Schedule 15 minutes a day on your calendar.  In order for you to be successful, schedule this on your calendar.  It is too easy to forget about it, or push it aside because something urgent (but maybe less important) came up.  Schedule it on your calendar for the next 90 days as a reoccurring event.

Step 2:  The Daily Habit

There are four things I believe you should do every day on LinkedIn:

  1. Update your status.
  2. Review your homepage for connection activities and respond as needed.
  3. Respond promptly to any email you receive through LinkedIn.
  4. Follow the daily tips below

Monday:  Make Connections

One great opportunity you have to provide value to your connections is to connect them.  Look at your personal connections or connections you have made through a LinkedIn group and join them.  It could be as simple as sending an email to both of them and how they could benefit each other.

You may not find a connection each week, and that is OK.  But keep up this discipline.  You will become more trusted and known as a resource to your network.

Tuesday:  Ask Questions

Ask a question in a group or to your network.  You will be surprised how many people will be there to support you.

I had met a social media intern about a year ago.  She was a master of this strategy.  She would ask questions to her personal connections and group connections about once a week.  Through out the week she would get some great responses.  The next week, she would send a thank you out to everyone with a summary of all of the answers that were given.  This provided her network with invaluable data in an area they cared about and encouraged her network to keep answering her questions.  I have complete trust in her today.

Wednesday:  Answer Questions

Review the groups that you are a part of and answer as many questions as you can in 15 minutes.  Answering questions is a great way to show you care and build up your creditability.

Thursday:  Gratitude

Send thank you’s to your connections for their assistance.  Thank you’s may be through email or even a personal note on a card.  Personal notes in your own handwriting are not as common as they use to be, but can create a lasting impression.

Friday:  Grow

This is the day to grow your connections and your contribution to your network.  First, look at all of the people you have met over the last week.  Should some of them be added to your network on LinkedIn?  Friday is also a great day to look at adding books you have read, blog posts, Twitter, or Slideshare presentations to your profile.

Make LinkedIn Rock

Are you ready to make LinkedIn rock? Try these recommendations for 90 days.  Let me know what kind of results you get.

Want ACCOUNTABILITY?  Post a comment letting me know you are trying this strategy.  We can connect on LinkedIn and hold each other accountable!


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