I have been tying my shoes incorrectly for decades.  How I tie my shoes has worked for me, but I was always frustrated when my running shoes would come untied half way through a race.  I could tie them in a double knot, but if I needed to get a rock out of the bottom of the shoe getting them untied and back on took too long.  I never considered the reason they are coming untied is because I was tying them wrong.

How to tie your shoes

Leadership and how you have always done things

If you could be tying your shoes incorrectly, what else could you be doing wrong.  Be open to other ways, and sometimes better ways of leading.

5 Minute Action Plan

Take 5 minutes and write down at least 15 things you do each day that are routine.  From brushing your teeth to how you plan for a meeting?  Or your routine for checking email or Facebook.   Then make an effort to do one thing differently for a week.  Why?  Get use to breaking the rules or creating your new rules.  Starting with your small routines is the first step to developing the ability to make monumental changes in your business and industry.  Start small.  Lets shake up the status quo.

“The World is not changed by people that sort of care”
-Sally Hogsheads

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