Below are the materials that we used to play the Social Media Game at the “Resilient Leaders – Resilient Organizations: A Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation Convening.”



Amount of time needed:  20 – 30 minutes

Divide participants into 3-5 small groups.

Give each small group a scenario page and a pack of “tool/activity” cards. Each card has an amount of points labeled at the bottom; this signifies how much needs to be invested (time, money, etc.) in the tool/activity (the maximum amount of points they can use is 10).

Each small group should complete the scenario page and be prepared to report back to the large group. Give them 5 minutes to discuss, fill out the scenario page and prepare to report back.

Have each group report back.   Set a 2-minute time limit for each group.

Once all the groups have reported back ask a number of the following discussion questions to the entire group – as time permits.

  1. How did your small group discussions go?
  2. How hard or easy was it to decide on which tools/activities to use? Why?
  3. What did you think of the choices or rational of any of the groups?
  4. What did you learn from this activity?

Various Scenarios

Social Media Card Deck

Additional material from the Convening can be found on the Resilient Organizations Fund website.

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