Even if you are running a small business in a rural area, that does not mean social media marketing is impractical or unprofitable.   Social media marketing techniques can be tailored to work with any size business, in any location.   Do not assume that social media is limited to big cities or certain demographics or businesses. You do not need to be running a web-based business to benefit from social media marketing.   Check out these social media marketing tips for small business and see how many you can put into play.

Find your community

Look for Twitter hashtags, forums, Facebook groups or other social networks targeted at your local area. They are out there. Join up and start participating.   Look for opportunities to jump in to solve a problem or offer assistance. Establish yourself or business as a valuable contributor to the community, and that means not always promoting yourself.


Find their needs

It’s a rare situation that someone will walk into your store or office off the streets and say “You know, I would shop here if you offered A, B or C,” or “I sure wish there was a place that did X, Y, and Z,” providing you with the opportunity to offer solutions.   However, chatter is much more free on the Internet and over social media. Look not only for opportunities to present your own company as a solution, but look also for problems that do not yet seem to have a solution.   Figure out how your company can fill the need.

Find their loyalty

What is it going to take to turn social media followers into loyal customers who will recommend you to others? Excellent customer service?  Be sure to reply directly to any comments about your company, positive or negative, publicly over social media.  Deals and savings? Offer special sales and coupons to your followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook.   Any number of techniques can be used to create loyal customers.   Find out what it is that produces a positive experience and latch on.

cceOn a side note – if you have not read the book yet, you must read “Creating Customer Evangelists” by Ben McConnell (@benmcconnell) and Jackie Huba (@jackiehuba.)

Social Media is for You

Social media marketing tips abound, and they’re not just for big brands and expansive companies.   The social media marketing tips above are an excellent start for establishing a community, a solution and a loyal customer base around your local small business.

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