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5 GEARS – Be Present and Productive

Want to learn how to be present and productive, even when it feels like there’s never enough time? If you’re like many busy adults who struggle to achieve work/life balance, learn about the 5 Gears, a revolutionary method for improving your ability to connect well in your relationships and work at full capacity, based on the recently released book by Jeremie Kubicek and Steve Cockram, cofounders of GiANT Worldwide. Health warning: The 5 Gears tool and the personal stories you’ll hear could change your life!

  • 5-gears-bookDesigned to help people conquer work/life balance
  • Learn how to connect with those around you
  • Learn how to build better relationships at work
  • Learn how to reconnect with your kids/spouse/family
  • Learn how to fully recharge & be at your best
  • Maximize your influence
  • Discover the most common leadership and connectivity pitfalls


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5 VOICES – Discover the Voices of your Team

Explore the 5 Voices of your team and how you can use this knowledge to improve communication, productivity, and team dynamics. Once you know your voice and have learned the value of other voices, you can lead your team in a way that brings out the best in each person. You will be inspired, challenged to grow, and we will help you become a leader others want to follow.


+ Understand the Dynamics of Your Team
Not everyone speaks the same voice or processes the way you do. Discover your natural voice and the voices of those around you to connect and lead more effectively.

+ Improve Communication & Connectivity
Learn why and how you disconnect with other Voices and gain powerful tools to help you connect like never before.

+ Get the Best From Each Team Member
Once you know your voice and have learned the value of other voices, you can establish “Rules of Engagement” that ensure you get the best from everyone on your team. This improves productivity as well as morale and satisfaction.

+ Resolve Conflict Effectively
Once you know your voice and have learned the value of other voices, you and your team can break down the walls of conflict to reach clarity and understanding of one another in a much more effective way.

+ Create a Game-plan for Development
Develop a plan for growth for you and your team based on the natural strengths, weaknesses, communication patterns, and needs of each team member.

+ Implement Powerful, Sustainable Tools
Receive powerful, practical tools and resources that are simple enough for everyone to learn and implement. This creates the kind of common language that is crucial for sustainable leadership transformation and buy-in.

If you are interested in scheduling Steve to speak about 5 Voices, contact Steve today.

GiANT BEST FIT – Discover Your Natural Leadership Style

Let me help you take a deep dive into understanding your personality type and how it affects your leadership behavior and development. Each of us have different tendencies based upon the combination of this wiring as well as our choices and life experiences. As a result, we approach problems, communication, and vision differently than others. The GiANT Best Fit Experience will equip you to understand these components of leadership and team dynamics by giving practical leadership tools, insights, and resources that you will be able to use the moment you leave.

Personality Factors

  1. Where Do You Draw Energy From?
    Understanding what gives you life and energy are key components to working effectively and well with others.
  2. How Do You Process Information?
    Knowing how you process information makes you more efficient, accurate, and relieves stress by providing clarity.
  3. How Do You Make Decisions?
    Decisions are based on priorities and values. Failing to understand how you and your team make decisions leaves for conflict and drama.
  4. How Do You Live Life?
    Some people prefer to live their life with more structure while others prefer greater spontaneity. Both have their place in leadership, but knowing when and where is crucial

Applied Leadership Learning

I will help you increase your leadership capacity and achieve your development goals by applying this learning to your most pressing leadership challenges.

+ Better Communication & Productivity
When you know yourself, you can lead yourself. By helping people understand both themselves and their colleagues better, your team will be able to collaborate and communicate more effectively and productively.

+ Higher Satisfaction & Lower Turnover
We will teach you how to keep yourself and your employees engaged, energized, and challenged based on their natural tendencies. This reduces friction and turnover.

+ Intentional, Not Accidental Development
By understanding your natural tendencies, you can take intentional, informed steps to enhance your leadership.

If you are interested in scheduling Steve to speak about GiANT BEST FIT, contact Steve today.