I was driving home with my 11 year old daughter a few days ago.  She was sad that I was going to be going to a conference in Chicago over the weekend.   I told her it was a great conference that will give me a new outlook on what and how I blog, use social media, and educate others on building online community.

She said, “Daddy, why do you need to go?  You teach this stuff to others.”  I never really thought about this from her perspective.

#553 FashionSo I asked her, “Sweetie, what are you really good at?”  She said, “Fashion design.”  My daughter will sit down at night and fill a tablet with new dress, shirt and shoe ideas.  Sometimes she won’t go to bed until she can get all of the ideas out of her head.

“Would you like to attend a conference on fashion design sweetie?  Do you think you could learn more?  What about reading fashion magazines?  Would that get you more inspired?”  Her answer was yes.

Many people spend their entire lives trying to improve on things they are not passionate about.  Why?  Wouldn’t you rather be a 10 at something you care about, than a 5 at something you struggle with?  If you are a business, no one pays for mediocrity.

What do you think?

Creative Commons License photo credit: mark_donoher
Creative Commons License
photo credit: Mikael Miettinen

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