“It seems so repetitive, doesn’t it?” It’s a common question I receive when working with people who are new to the social media scene. So common, in fact, I decided to write a blog post about it. Hopefully I can ease the fears of other people starting out with social marketing.

Free 108 Glossy Waxed Wood Social Media IconsThe repetitive question refers to providing the same information and links across multiple social media platforms. When I tell a client, we need to list all your websites, post your pictures, and provide all your social media links, I inevitably get “Well, it all seems so repetitive. This information is already provided on our website.”

Yes, this information is readily available if I were to look for it. However, the key to social marketing is reaching people where they already are; not making them go elsewhere or jump through hoops for what they want.

Your pictures are already posted in your beautiful portfolio section of your website? Well, sorry, but you need to include them again in your blog posts, on Facebook, and have we discussed Flickr yet?

Maybe you’ve done a great job of creating a Twitter page and are using it daily. However, if you have wasted space in your design, then why not include some of your information like email address, physical address, Facebook page, etc.

With each area we focus on, it’s important to include the “same” information, even if it seems repetitive.

Remember this: While it may seem repetitive to you, it doesn’t necessarily seem repetitive to your audience. The same pictures or events you’ve had posted on your website for a few days are NEW and INTERESTING to the right people who are seeing them for the first time somewhere else.

Creative Commons License photo credit: webtreats

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