Are you concerned about revitalizing your local economy?  Are you part of an initiative to get more people to “buy local?”  Why do these initiatives have to be so complex?


I love simplicity.

It is so easy to get carried away and make marketing initiatives too complex.  I often tell myself that my job is to ‘help our clients navigate the complex road to simplicity.”  I tend to make things too complex in my mind.  So when I see something that is so simple, I step back in amazement.  Why is it that simple is so hard to find.  Simple is remarkable.  Simple is amazing.  Lets stop making things so ‘gosh darn’ complex.

350_project_web_panelThe 3/50 Project is one of those marketing ideas that is so simple.  Pick 3 locally owned, independent businesses in your home town.  Spend an additional $50 a month in those businesses.  There you go.  That is it.  That is the simple answer for everyone that is looking at saving their main street businesses and revitalizing their local economy.

What do you think?

It is a remarkable initiative that has tremendous potential.  Take a look at The 3/50 Project for yourself or follow the discussion on Twitter (#350proj).

What are your thoughts?  Are part of a “buy local” inititive?  Share your comments on what is working for you or what has not worked for you.

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