Each week I am sent hundreds of blog articles on topics from social media, leadership, sales, customer services, and more.  I wanted to share some of the things that have been passed on to me over the week to provide you with some inspiration (or just plain entertainment.)

This Weeks Cool Links:

There are post that I found insightful this week.

  1. Inside the Mind of a Community Manager.  I suspect this is how Beth’s mind works when she is managing communities.
  2. The second graphic I first saw from Chris Brogan on some Shocking News about Cell Phone Usage.  Do you use your phone to check the time more than you use it to make phone calls?

From the Vivid Image Blog

We had five great blog posts this week.  If you missed any, here there are:

  1. Monday:  Beth started the week writing about “Customizing Facebook for a Remarkable Experience.”  This article looked at five our our clients and the goals they have for their Facebook Fan pages.
  2. Tuesday:  Sarah Manley wrote about “A Crowning Social Media Story” and her journey through Facebook.
  3. Wednesday:  I wrote about “Secret Ways to Get More Out of Your Facebook Fan Pages.”  This was inspired by all of the questions we get about getting new Fans and engaging them on Facebook.
  4. Thursday:  Michelle featured one of our clients, MVTV Wireless, and how they are using Facebook.
  5. Friday:  Ryan ended the week with “Going Green With Design.”  IT really got me thinking about colors and the emotions they elicit.

What is New

We had three great projects go live this week for three wonderful clients:

Your Turn

What do you think?  What did you find inspiring this week?  Share your comments below.

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