twitter-bird-31. You might get more than one opinion. If you love to live in a world that revolves around you, do more talking than listening, and shun open-mindedness, then Twitter is a bad idea for you.

2. You’ll save money on advertising costs. If you pay to post your job openings in the newspaper like “you’ve always done it” and it makes you feel better, than don’t post them for free on Twitter. Its reach isn’t near as limited as your local newspaper.

3. Your leisurely search in Google will be replaced with a knowledgeable human being. If you feel you’ve done your duty and finally learned to Google your questions, then stick with that. Spend your time sifting through results produced by a machine that has no clue how to LOL.

4. People will be overly friendly and helpful.Recluses who enjoy their polished anti-social behaviors should definitely avoid Twitter. They could become utterly overwhelmed by the everyday thoughtfulness of tweeps.

twitter-bird-65. You’ll hear what people are saying about your company or brand. If you’re a business owner afraid of what might be said about you or your company, Twitter can be a scary place. People frequently toss around thoughts and feedback about their favorite brands, giving ample opportunities for those who aren’t afraid of Twitter to win their loyalty.

6. You’ll feel obliged to help people. Darn it! Twitter starts to rub off on the seemingly innocent people going about their selfish lives. You might be inclined to help someone on Twitter.

7. You’re going to find out what you never knew you were missing. This is the main reason Twitter is bad. From breaking news to philanthropy efforts to make our world a better place, Twitter loyalists feel compelled to share human interest stories.

8. You’ll be overwhelmed with how small of world we live in.Gain a few followers, start a few conversations, and you’ll be surprised that there are other people from all over the world with whom you have much in common. Venture toward Twitter too long, and you might get invited to a TweetUp.

twitter-bird-59. You might partake in too much “Twittering”. Watch famous people try to assimilate and look intelligent, and you’ll hear them use ridiculous words like “Twittering”. Join Twitter and find out why that word is obnoxious.

10. You won’t get to wait until the 10pm news to find out what’s going on. If you look forward to learning about your local and world events on the nightly news; news stories that are selected and censored by the media, then by all means stay away from Twitter. It’s a cesspool of current events.

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  1. Beth Gasser says

    Wow, thanks for all the comments I've received in Twitter. I'm honored this article has been a relief valve for so many who feel they have to "defend" themselves against Twitter nah-sayers. Please keep your thoughts and tidbits coming. I love it!

  2. Ryan says

    Numbers 1 – 3 existed since the mid-90’s. Giving this credit to a single service is disturbingly biased.

    Number 4 seems almost deliberately misleading. For example, this study made some staggering conclusions about the ‘real’ people with ‘real’ advice.

    Number 6 is vaccous – there’s no evidence that says twitter has any such affect.

    Number 7 (amd Number 10) is a half-truth. Twitter may have breaking news, but anyone interested in the news follows it up on a dedicated service.

    But since you heavily promote difference of opinion, I await your distribution of this comment among your twitter network… Or is the self promotion a priority above true criticism and debate?

  3. says

    Thanks Ryan for your comment — It all depends on how you use Twitter – what your business objectives are for using it. Twitter can be a big waste of time, or it can be one of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing tool kit.

    I have used Twitter for all of the reason above. I love Twitter. I have built closer relationships with people using Twitter than almost any other tool. Many people I have not met is person – but follow them and trust them by getting to know them online. Others I have met in person at conferences, and continue to engage in conversations that proved me with tremendous values. Because of that value, I am constantly encourage to give more. Those that have figured out Twitter are very willing to give.

    I have used Twitter to gather input from various point of view on an issue by searching for what is being said now. The great thing about Twitter is every tweet is instantly search able the second it is posted. News breaks on Twitter, but you can also use it to gather additional details not covered on the nightly news. News breaks where ever you are – Twitter empowers everyone to become citizen journalists.

    I have find that the most successful people on Twitter use it to be helpful and not as a tool for self promotion. If all people do is promote themselves, I tend to stop following them. I follow people that are helpful and interested in others. But that is my strategy. Others may approach Twitter differently. That is ok. As a tool, Twitter should be used to accomplish your specific business objectives.

    The point of the article was to inspire ways Twitter can be used to accomplish tasks that many may not even consider. Sure, other tools may be used to accomplish the same tasks, but that is a topic for a different post.

    How do you use Twitter?

  4. arashiaddict915 says

    I love the sarcastic voice of why Twitter is bad. I will be crediting this in my research paper!

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