Kraft is using social media, specifically mom bloggers to reach its target audience.

kraft-bAs part of their social marketing campaign, Kraft is giving away several years supply of Kraft Mac and Cheese to contest winners who enter on various mom blogs. They are also donating thousands of boxes to Feed America, which is added incentive to bloggers to participate in their giveaway.

This social media campaign is driving tons of traffic to the Kraft site, as well as dozens of mom blogs. As part of the contest entry requirements, people are asked to leave blog comments pertaining to childhood memories and Kraft recipes. Somewhere along the way, Kraft is able to gather valuable information, case studies, testimonials, user recipes, and above all, loyal “raving” fans.

If you follow thousands of mom bloggers on twitter like I do, it doesn’t take long to receive a tweet reminding me to enter for free mac and cheese with the hashtag #bluebox (search bluebox on twitter  or help donate food by visiting Kraft’s site. I did this, and guess what?! I won a year’s supply of Kraft Mac and Cheese which is being shipped by their PR Department now. I have since visited Kraft’s website dozens of times, looking for recipes to use up my prize this next year.

To my delight, there are tons of recipes from lasagna and Mexican casseroles to soups and cold salads that feature mac and cheese. Cool!

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