The best way for you to learn more about Twitter is through some of the best resources I have found.  Below is a summary of some great articles by the Internets most respected authors.  Take the time to read the “Cliff Notes” here, but dig into each authors website to really learn how you can harness the power of Twitter.

A Beginners Guide to Using Twitter

jjspeakingThe man who actually wrote the book on marketing, John Jantsch, does it again with this brief PDF called A Beginner’s Guide to Using Twitter for Business.   In this guide John walks you through what Twitter is, tools you should become familiar with, who to follow, and what to say.  This is a must read for anyone looking at using Twitter for Business.  Unlike other consultants who can baffle you with BS, I find John’s simple, practical advice refreshing.

10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners

This is the blog post I wish I would have written.  10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners is a step by step process to get the most our of Twitter.  I have summarized the steps below, but you really should read the entire post here:

  1. Set up your profile
  2. Follow people with similar interests
  3. Get into the conversation
  4. Don’t spam
  5. Update daily
  6. Find the latest buzz and contribute
  7. Help other people out
  8. Create relationships
  9. Integrate Twitter with other social networks
  10. Establish relationships even outside Twitter

9 Ways Twitter Can Help in the Real World

Many people just don’t understand how to use Twitter in the real world.  Amanda MacArthor with Mashable does it again in this article with simple ways people use Twitter everyday.  Another must read here:

  1. Saving You a AAA Membership
  2. Getting First-Hand Reviews
  3. Receiving Advanced Traffic Warnings
  4. Making Travel Buddies
  5. Getting the REAL Weather
  6. Becoming a Super Stalker
  7. Making New Gaming Friends
  8. Receiving Better Customer Service
  9. Becoming More Social

A Twitter Glossary

Finally a Twitter glossary for those of you new to the Twittersphere.

  • At Reply, or “@reply”: A direct tweet sent to another Twitter user.
  • Hash Tag: The “#” sign. Allows Twitter users to group tweets by topic, making it easier to search particular conversations using Twitter Search.
  • MisTweet: A tweet one later regrets.
  • ReTweet: To repost something that’s already in the Twitter stream. Usually preceeded by “RT” and “@[username],” to give credit to the original poster.
  • SnapTweet: A tweet that includes a photo taken with a cell phone, uploaded to Flickr and posted to Twitter via
  • Twittcrastination: Procrastination brought on by Twitter use.
  • Twadd: To add someone as a friend or follower.
  • Twaigslist/Twebay: To sell something on Twitter.
  • Tweeter/Twitterer: Someone who uses Twitter.
  • TwinkedIn: Inviting friends made on Twitter to connect on LinkedIn.
  • Twittectomy: To remove someone from the list of people you follow.
  • Twitterati: The A-list twitterers everyone follows.
  • Twitterfly: Twitter’s version of a social butterfly, marked by the extreme use of @ signs.
  • Twitterlooing: Twittering from the bathroom.
  • Twitterpated: Overwhelmed with Twitter messages.
  • Twittfeinated, Twigged Out, Twired: To be so hyped up on twittering that you cannot sleep.

Data: Twitter Fan Wiki

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