Only a short time ago Twitter added the much talked about “RT” button. For days I read nothing but negative tweets with #fail hashtags. Nobody seemed to like it. I was hesitant to use it, but forced myself to give it a try. It was easy to ReTweet with a push of the button. However, it made following RT bread crumb trails more difficult. It also resulted in seeing people I didn’t normally follow appear on my home page. “Who is this?’ often ran through my head.

But, my biggest gripe with the RT button was the fact that using the button meant that I wasn’t allowed to add my personal comment before the RT, explaining why I thought it was worthy of my time and endorsement.

Well, today I need not ponder the issue any further. I logged on early this morning to find the button gone. My first and only tweet thus far today:



I guess it’s back to the old way of ReTweeting.  I really won’t miss it. And you?

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