Always Running

2014-04-05 10.53.27I run a lot.  Literally.  A typical Saturday is a 20+ mile run followed by a 10+ mile run on Sunday.  30+ mile weekends give you a lot of time to think and ponder.  It is my time to recharge and enjoy the beauty of the world.

A Secret

I have never told my wife this, but I spend most of my time thinking about her when I run.  You see, I play with my wedding ring on these runs.  Moving it around my finger with my thumb and pinky finger I ponder our life together and the day we met.  I recall our conversations.  I remember her telling me that she can do anything that she sets her mind to do.  It keeps me grounded and focused.  It is also what keeps me alive. Really, let me explain.

Finding the Right Balance

Distance running is a delicate balance.  Not only a balance of strength and will, but a balance of proper hydration and electrolytes.  I have ran with people that run so hard they pass out.  I don’t have that will to push that hard in me.  I prefer a different approach.

My wedding ring is my life line; an indicator of proper balance.  When my ring is too tight, there is an imbalance.  Sometimes it can get so tight that I want to cut it off.  But it is up to me to figure out the imbalance.  Am I pushing too hard?  Am I drinking enough water?  Do I need a salt tablet or have I taken too many?  My ring is the indicator that tells me if I need to make any adjustments.  If I don’t make any adjustments, I am setting my self up to crash.

You Know What is Wrong

We are all running full steam ahead.  So how do you know when life is out of balance?  When the balance between work and family is teetering the wrong way.  You feel pressure from all sides and you want to “cut off the ring” to relieve the pressure.  I would bet that you actually know when things are our of balance.

It is up to you to take action.  Tweet This

Here is one quick action you can take right now:  A friend of mine recently wrote a post about his dedication to taking more time off of work.  He says that after time off, he comes back more refreshed and with a healthier perspective.  I encourage you to take some time off to gain a new perspective and find balance.

Measurement is Motivation

After some time off, think about how to measure your journey.  What is your ‘wedding ring?’  I have poster up in my office that reads, “Measurement is Motivation.”  Consistent measurement will ensure you arrive at the finish line without passing out.  For me, my wedding ring is the tool that keeps me focused on moving forward and evaluating whether I need to make adjustments or stay on course.  It is my motivation to either push harder or hold back and make adjustments.  It is personal.  It keeps me focused on the right balance of pushing just hard enough to accomplish the next goal and not so hard where I ignore the consequences.

It is Personal

Your ‘wedding ring’ may be core values that you hold dear to your heart.  It may be your faith or a faith symbol.  What ever it is, make it personal. Make it something you can see everyday that reminds you to take time to measure and adjust.

Small Steps

My 30+ mile weeks are adding up a my first 100 mile run.  100 miles to think of my wife and what the rings means to our marriage.  100 miles of paying  attention and making critical adjustments – not over correcting or under correcting.  In all that I do, I strive to be better with each step.  That requires a lot of evaluations.

My secret is is taking small, consistent steps forward.  Small steps give you time to evaluate how things are going and make adjustments before it’s too late.  Small steps make a 100 mile run through Kansas easy.  They make building a business a process.  Small steps are the building blocks to long term success.  Sometimes a small step is making the decision to get out of bed.  Other times the small step is a little bigger – like deciding to open up a new office in a neighboring city.

Either way, even the smallest of steps keep things moving forward. Tweet This

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