What is RSS? RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.”  It is a method of subscribing to online data, news or updates.  Instead of visiting all your favorite website or blogs everyday to read what’s new, an RSS feed delivers it right to you; like a newspaper on your front door step.  Give you only what is new and relevant to what you want to read.  You can subscribe to blogs, photo updates, video updates, or just about any kind of data that people what to share (or data you want to share.)

Your first step to understanding RSS

EavesdroppingThe link in the top right corner of this website is an link to the RSS feed for this blog. (Subscribe)  Click on it and see what happens – no, you will not automatically be subscribing to this blog.  You will be given options on how you would like to subscribe to this blog. Typically, you must install an RSS Reader, such as Google Reader (online choice) or NewsGator (desktop choice). You can even get RSS feeds on your Blackberry or iPhone.

Another use for RSS is to provide a mechanism to convert the RSS feed to email.  If you click on the “Subscribe via Email” button to the right, you will be able to get an email of any changes I make to this blog.  If there are no changes, you will not receive an email.  This is a great way to introduce your website visitors to the power of RSS using email – a tool they are familiar with.  Give it a try.

How could you use RSS for your business in a meaningful way?

Well – you could watch the mention of your products or business name on the web and have up to the minute data at your fingertips. Keep an eye on competitors. Research.  Create a mailing list of subscribers. If you like to be the first to know, this is the tool.

Think of using RSS as a dashboard. 

The dashboard in your car gives you all the major indicators you need – from monitoring your speed to being alerted of a malfunction.  RSS can be used to create a dashboard for your business.  My RSS dashboard includes the following:

  1. Mentions of my company out on the Internet
  2. Industry news from my favorite bloggers
  3. Local news
  4. My website statistics – including keyword positions and links
  5. My top clients keywords or news mentions

Simple and quick.  No searching the Internet.  My RSS reader does all of the work. 

ONE ACTION ITEM:  Really simple today.  All I ask is that you watch the video above to get a better understanding of RSS and how you can use it to enhance communication.

At the end of the 30 days, I will be publishing an action plan with additional details from the comments you provided. I will only be sending this action plan to the followers of this blog. If you want a copy, please subscribe in the subscribe via email box above. PS: This is only the beginning! Take a sneak peak at what is coming up!

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