What is working in your sales and marketing process today?

If you are like many businesses, there is one thing that is working very well.  Word of Mouth.  Recommendations from other people…


Traditional way people get information

Traditionally, information comes from the company and is delivered to potential clients in the form of advertising.  You may spend thousands of dollars to advertise your business and control your brand and message.  Unfortunately, you may also find that no one is listening to your message.    Everyday, your customers are bombarded with marketing messages.  So many messages, they get really good at ignoring all marketing.  Yes, even yours…

Only 14% of people trust advertising messages Tweet This


Sales and Marketing Today

Customers educate themselves much differently than they did just a few years ago.  Today, many customers are educated on your products and services before they even call you.  They look toward the Internet and read a review of your business on Google Local.  They ask their friends.  They have discussions about your products or services on Facebook or Twitter.

78% of people trust recommendations from others Tweet This

Stop the Chaos

Your customers are already talking about you and your industry.  Do you know what they are saying?  Do you want to know?

We can hide in a cave with our blanket and nightlight hoping that things will change or we step out into the light and feel the rays of possibilities in this amazing opportunity.  The sales process has changed dramatically and it is better for both consumers and businesses.

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