We all know the things we are not good at doing.  Things that we should have someone else do, but we do them anyway, thinking we will save time or money.  I can be stubborn and do things that I really should not be doing.  And when I do that, I am not taking advantage of my true gifts and things that bring me joy.

Here are a few things I am not good at or should not do.  Just ask my wife.

Things Steve should not do

  • Anything that has to do with power tools
  • Graphic Design
  • Accounting
  • Dishes (well maybe I can good at that but I don’t enjoy it)

There are things I love to do

  • Inspire new ideas
  • Coach businesses on marketing
  • Public Speaking

There are things that are part of my role

For instance, my role at Vivid Image is “Chief Evangelist.”  I evangelize my staff and share with the world why they are incredible.  It is also part of my role to hire and retain the best employees, make sure there is enough money in the bank, and set the over all vision for the company.  That is my role.  But to accomplish that role, I need help.  I need people that can give me accurate financial information.  I ask the right questions, interpret the data, and make decisions.  I don’t need to handle the details.  There are amazing people around me to handle the details.

Who do you surround yourself with?

Take the time to surround yourself with remarkable people that can help you achieve remarkable results.  Toni Sing wrote a blog post recently that said the typical org chart for a small business look likes the graphic above.  Are you trying to do everything and in turn losing the joy you have in running your business?

Marketing is getting more complicated

I believe marketing is getting harder.  There is a gap developing in marketing skills.  Traditional marketers are struggling to learn online strategies. Younger marketers are struggling to understand the business needs and how to relate online marketing to ROI.    I am working to create an agency that can partner with you.  A partner that will provide you and your staff with training when you need it, or take care of your online marketing when that is the best use of your marketing dollars.  Local search, search engine optimization, pay per click, social media, online reviews, blogging, organic optimization, the list goes on….

YOU are Important

In 2016, my goal is to help reveal what make you and your business remarkable so you can focus on your strengths.  If you struggle with what makes you remarkable, let’s have coffee to uncover your hidden strengths.



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