#BE1of100: Community Run (8/21/2013)

#BE1of100: Community Run (8/21/2013)

18 months ago I started running.  I didn’t have any particular goal.  I just ran because it would help me lose weight.  Then something happened.  I met some amazing people in the local running group that a good friend of mine, Marc Vaillancourt, started.  I ran more.  In fact, I ran a 5k every week with them.  And I lost the weight I wanted to loose.  But like anything, I knew the weight would come back.  So I set a goal for 2013:

Run one race each month in 2013.

I assumed I would run 5k’s each month.  I planned out the year with 12 races.  I finished the year with 17 races including my first marathon and an insane October schedule with a 5k, 10k, 10 mile, 1/2 marathon and 50k ultra marathon.

What I learned:

Small Steps

Small successes lead to bigger successes.  Brandon Lee shared his experience on goal setting with me earlier this year.  He said success is a mindset.  When you can build on small successes, it is easier to achieve larger successes. Brandon recommends setting a 24 hour goal.  Something you can accomplish in the next 24 hours.  Then set a 48 hour goal.  Once achieved, set a one week goal.  Build on those successes.  It becomes a mindset and you train your brain to actually accomplish your goal.

There is a little secret here too…  It doesn’t mater what the goal is.  What maters is that you accomplish it – no matter how small.

The Plan

  1. Plan for the year
  2. Celebrate monthly
  3. Train daily

For me it came down to the daily habits.  I had my training plan printed out each month, and I knew exactly how far I needed to run each day/week.  (I am a fan of www.HalHigdons.com for daily training plans.)  I put trust in the fact that if I followed the daily plan, I would be able to achieve my monthly racing goal.  That worked for me! Everything from the 5k race to the 50K ultra.  I put my faith in the plan and followed it daily.

Half way through the year, I was seeing amazing results.  So I thought it would be ‘extreme’ to set the goal of completing a 50k race.  I researched training plans and put together a daily plan that I knew my family could live with.  I trained hard.  I had the support of my family and my running partner was there to push me and make sure I stayed motivated.   But that was not enough.  I was addicted to running.  I loved it!  I set myself up for a major accomplishment in October with 5 races.  I really did not expect to complete every race in October, but I wanted to see how hard I could push myself and see if my training plan would work.  To my surprise, I finished October injury free.  (The race I am most proud of in October was helping my running partner complete her first 1/2 marathon – way to go Leah!)

Remember that small successes lead to bigger accomplishments.

Next Year’s Plan

halfmarathonIt is amazing how fast things can go backwards when the training stops.  Maintaining forward progress is tough!

2014 GOALS in Order of Priority

  1. One race with each daughter to instill the love of running and commitment to setting goals
  2. Distance
  3. Speed
    • 4.30 Marathon
    • 1.50 1/2 marathon
    • 22 minute 5k

Planning even farther out now:

2015 GOALS

  1. 100k race
  2. Run the Boston Marathon for charity

2016 GOALS

  1. 100 mile race
  2. Run the NYC Marathon for charity

Goal Setting in Business

In your life, where are you finding success?

What are you doing?

Can you copy that and bring it into your business life?

For me, I learned a lot about goal setting and achievement from running.  How to plan, take small steps daily, listen to others, and celebrate my successes.

What is your story?

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